Why Should You Design an Ecommerce Website

Electronic commerce or ecommerce means commerce that is conducted electronically utilizing the Internet. The design includes all functions of conducting the purchase, including the sale, exchange of necessary information, exchange of funds and fulfilling the order (pick, pack, and ship).

An ecommerce website design brings customers and suppliers together in ways never before possible. New outlets for sales can be created. New methods that build customer loyalty can be utilized. Innovations to create new levels of customer service can be implemented. With digitally delivered products, delivery time can be immediate. To accomplish this does not require you to be a techie, just the passion to create a clean, professional ecommerce website.

Designing and building an ecommerce website is a method to present your products to customers in a way that they can be accessed on the Internet.

Potential customers can browse detailed product reports at their leisure. The information is available to them anytime and wherever there is a web connection.

Customers can choose to review additional information or browse through your offerings while adding items to their shopping cart. When they are finished their shopping, the orders are then placed into an order system to complete the administrative processing and the order is sent for fulfillment. All administrative details of the sale can be completed while the customer is still online.

An ecommerce website allows you to expand your business to reach the global market, increasing sales. It allows you to have your products available for sale 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so your customers can shop at their convenience. If you already have a physical store, an ecommerce website adds a new and comparatively inexpensive dimension to your marketing program.

Ecommerce Allows You To:

  • Expand your sales to the local, regional, national, or global markets as you choose, depending on your product or service.
  • Create additional streams of revenue that could not be provided from your physical store.
  • Compete and win in a market that is changing constantly and becoming increasingly complex.
  • Provide additional value to your customer to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Provide convenience to your customer and build customer loyalty.

If you believe that the larger market is saturated, the 19th Annual Dunn and Bradstreet Small Business survey indicates that small businesses use the Internet mainly for email. To purchase products does not rank in the top 5 uses. The market is just beginning to explode for small businesses, as more users access the Internet.